Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update from the last few days :)

I know I haven't posted for the last few days but I will catch you all up right now :)!

So I have just been riding them lightly so they don't get to hot and sweaty, or over worked for the first few rides back. They have all been doing GREAT, I have just been riding Scrat and JJ while Zoey has just been getting turned loose in the arena for a good 10 minutes to go fart around.

Like I said just basic stuff, mainly long trotting. I plan on starting tomorrow (Monday Feb. 4th) with some drills to change things up.

I also have been riding a friends daughters horse during the week to help get her legged back up.

So here are some pictures from the last couple days :)

JJ saying HELLO


Lil Miss Leroy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


FINALLY got to ride after many things coming up!

It felt AMAZING lol! 4 Months is just WAY TO LONG of a break for my horses and myself!

I didn't get any videos of the riding part because I was more focused on making sure they were warmed up good and my butt was in the saddle in case they wanted to bust a move. But the boys were GREAT!

JJ was wound tighter than a banjo, and stiffer than a 2x4! I lunged him for a good 20 minutes to try and get some of the pi$$ and vinagear out of him. He was tossing his head and squealing lol, then would go for a burn then calm back down. I finally decided to just get on because he was just going to keep going and going lol! He actually was great! He didn't hump up, but he was VERY forward lol. I am for sure going to throw him back in the snaffle after he isn't feeling so full of himself and soften him back up.

Scrat did GREAT too. Lunged him for a bit, he wasn't as wound as JJ lol. And he did super good, was super light (lighter than the last time I rode him), was relaxed and just a rockstar.

Didn't ride Zoey because we had some things to do after I rode, but she got to come along for the ride and hang out. I plan on riding her first tomorrow :)


Stop drop and ROLL

The sweaty, dirty, crazy man after his ride

In his Cooler drying...


Mr. Itchy

And a video of J-Jers rolling.....

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well it has been a few days, but between my last post and now nothing really exciting has been happening. Was hoping to start riding but that got set back due to some things come up.

But today I went and got the horses all fixed up! I put up their tails, braided manes, put sleazys and blankets on!

Here is Zoey :) She had a nice matted/dreadlocked part in the middle of her mane so got that all undone.


And JJ, had to order him a new one and it should be here MONDAY. I will be sure to get a picture of him in his new one. So for now he just gets his blanket and a did up tail :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


So I tried Scrats new saddle on him and it fits him very nicely!!!


Monday, January 14, 2013


Well nothing super excited happened today, mom went and got the beastly living quarters that got some repairs done so it will be ready to rock and roll when the season starts!

Well I did do something...I did fight will a shelf I was trying to put together (and was not wanting to cooperate with me lol) but I finally got that put together and put into place....only to later look and it looks like it is about to do a twist and break...ugh cant find a good sturdy shelf anymore lol!

But the exciting thing is that I start back to riding tomorrow! Yippee! Been to long and have missed riding and working with the horses, and I am sure they are tired of their vacation and want to get back to work :)

So my goal tomorrow is to not become a yard dart off all 3 lol! I will be sure to snap some pics and try to get some video.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Went to the CTJRA Jr.Rodeo banquet ths evening! Had a great time with friends, enjoyed watching all the kids and their faces as they received their awards. Brings back memories from when me and the peanut butter man were burning up the Jr.Rodeo scene back in the day.

Also got some great pictures of the kids. Was a god fun night out :)

Friday, January 11, 2013


This quote is so true and carries a lot of meaning. Today there are so many people who judge others and bring others down. It is crazy how many people can hash out hurtful things and purposely try to hurt people with words. This day and age people seem to strive on negativity, violence, and horrid attitudes with no respect or class.

Think and process what you are about to say and who you might hurt if you say it.